Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gap tooth grin!

Got a great pic of Sabrina showing her first missing tooth. So exciting! She is wearing her new Santa hat. And behind her is a garland made of scratchboard ornaments. They were a gift from my sis Denise and my Mom. They are cardboard cutouts the you can scratch the ink off to show the colors underneath. She had lots of fun doing that!

The other day there was a beautiful coating of frost on everything. So I took some pix of the trees looking out the back window. This was taken at sunrise, and it got even prettier once the sun came up! Bye for now!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Toothfairy is a comin!

Sabrina lost her first tooth the other day, so decided to make a little box to put it in (so the "tooth fairy" could find it!). Recently, I found a bunch of matchboxes at an estate sale, so I picked out one and started painting polka dots! Then I added an old pic of my mom when she was little and gave her wings and a wand. Some cut out word, a little glitter, and ta da! I'm so happy with how it turned out, I want to make more and sell them on etsy. Will let you know when I have some done.
The tooth fairy was very generous I thought, and even let us keep her first tooth. Can't believe how tiny it is! It was so loose when I went to pull it, that it practical fell out! Well, bye for now!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Silver and Gold

Here are some pics of my upstairs living room decorated for Christmas. Above is my 4ft. feather tree that is decorated in silver, gold and touches of pale blue. Pretty much all of the ornies are vintage. The tree is in the corner and right next to it is the armoire. The pic below shows the top of the armoire with another little feather tree, and old cookie tin, a vintage wooden sleigh and 3 vintage flocked reindeer.
This is kitty corner from the tree next to the kitchen entrance. The silver glitter "peace" galand I got at Target last year. There are ropes of vintage silver and gold foil garland in the apothecary jar, and an old wooden church coated in mica flakes. There is also a papermache church under the glass cloche.
In this close up you can see small paper mache house and a silver paper sleigh and deer. I painted pinecone tips with off white paint and glittered with mica. It's all sitting on a blanket of vintage glittered cotton batting. Hope you enjoy these displays, bye for now!

Monday, December 10, 2007

The last of Christmas on Etsy

I decided to put a few more things on Etsy to finish up Christmas. I made two more trees, only a smaller size. They have a wooden spool for a base.
I also listed the one fairy that didn't sell on Ebay and the big trees that I made. Please go check them out if you can. Bye for now!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

New items on Etsy

Well, I got my fairies and baskets on Etsy today, and I'm happy to say that all the baskets and one of the fairies is already sold (the fairy in the third photo)! I do still have these first two fairies available. First is "Frosty" and second is "Star", and they are both made with vintage Christmas sugar bells, chenille stems and paper mache heads that have been handpainted. Frosty had a silver tinsel crown and holds some vintage velvet leaves. Star is holding a string of vintage mercury glass beads.
This one is "Pearl" the one that is sold, and I also included pix of the baskets I sold below.
I used vintage bulb reflectors that I altered with a scallop edge scissors and glittered. Will try to put some more things on Etsy if I can, so keep checking back. Bye for now!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Snow Business!

We got about 6 inches of snow this weekend, which had two results. Sabrina got to play in the snow (which gave me a great photo op-this may be my Christmas card!) and it really helped to get me in the holiday spirit. Not that I was having too much trouble. I've got most of my Christmas decorations up, so now I'm starting to take pix. I loved how this little corner in my kitchen turned out. I got this feather tree off of Ebay and I really love it. Decided to hang the stocking here this year.
This is a little glitter house that I found at the thrift store, couldn't resist it!
This is the ornament that I got at Macy's this year. Every year when we go downtown for the Christmas display, I buy an ornament. This Santa really caught my eye. Hope everyone is having fun decorating too. Oh, and check back tomorrow, as I will be posting some new items for sale, but on Etsy this time. Bye for now!

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