Monday, July 26, 2010

Flower Fairies Have Come to Posytown!

Well, at last they are here!
I've finally created some fairies for my shop!

Say hello! "Clover" and "Primrose"!

Here is a close up of Primrose, isn't she sweet?
And here is little Clover, who is happy all over!

Hope you like them!
Just head to my store for more details!
Bye for now!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
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For a good friend I met on Flickr! Hope she has a wonderful day!! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

More of our trip, on to Hatton!

After the wedding in Fargo, we headed out to Grand Forks ND, which is straight north.
But on the way, we stopped at a little town called Hatton.
We came to see Eileen Mork, who is the niece of a man named Carl Ben Eilson.
He was a pioneering pilot that grew up in Hatton,
and flew airmail up in Alaska and helped explore the arctic.
My mom, (pictured below on Eileen's porch) was related to Carl by marriage.

Mom found out about Eileen through a newspaper article,

and then found out there was a book about Carl

and that his childhood home was a museum.

She was determined to go there someday,

so we decided to combine it with the wedding.

Below is a pic of my sis, hubby and Sabrina on Eileen's porch.

After visiting with Eileen, who turned out to be such a warm
and interesting woman,
we headed over to see Carl's house.

It' a beautiful old victorian style house, with three levels.

Below is a pic of the parler on the first level.

On the second level we saw Eileen's wedding dress, so beautiful!

At the third level I was fascinated with the tower room,

pictured in the next two pics.

They are using it to show school items from the period.

There was so much to see in the house,
but then we wanted to check out the plane museum just down the block.
It has the plane that Carl flew to on his exploration trips.

This plaque explains it quite well.

My hubby and Sabrina were amazed at the plane!
He couldn't believe they were flying in something that rickety!

We had such a great visit!
We'll never forget it!
More on the trip in my next post!
Bye for now!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Vacation!

Oh, boy! Time for a trip!
We just got back from a week long trip to a wedding
and then to visit my Mom's house in Sherwood ND.
The wedding was in Fargo, ND for my nephew Greg.
On the way, we stopped in a little town called Sabin,
where they have a little general store called the "Old 52".
It has old fashioned candy, soda and toys.
It was very cute!

The next day was the wedding, held in a church.
But, the reception was at the zoo, which had an indoor carousel!
We all got free rides on it!
Below is Sabrina on her pink horse!

Here's a peek at me and my honey in the reflection!

Later at the dance, Cutie Pie is doing the "chicken dance"!

She had a blast!

Next time I will show our stop in a town called Hatton.

Bye for now!

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