Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Vacation!

Oh, boy! Time for a trip!
We just got back from a week long trip to a wedding
and then to visit my Mom's house in Sherwood ND.
The wedding was in Fargo, ND for my nephew Greg.
On the way, we stopped in a little town called Sabin,
where they have a little general store called the "Old 52".
It has old fashioned candy, soda and toys.
It was very cute!

The next day was the wedding, held in a church.
But, the reception was at the zoo, which had an indoor carousel!
We all got free rides on it!
Below is Sabrina on her pink horse!

Here's a peek at me and my honey in the reflection!

Later at the dance, Cutie Pie is doing the "chicken dance"!

She had a blast!

Next time I will show our stop in a town called Hatton.

Bye for now!

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