Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm on Shmap!

I'm excited to announce that the picture below has been used on the Shmap website. It's a really cool site that is basically an online travel guide. You should check it out! This pic is of the flowers in the observatory in Como Park, St. Paul.

I have the widget for Shmap on the top right of my blog, and if you look under Como Park you will see this pic! bye for now!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Dreamt I Was a Skirt!

I had this strange dream last night that I had gone back into the 60's, where you were either a "skirt" or a "suit"! I was wearing this sweet little red number with the pearls and cateye glasses and drinking a martini, shaken not stirred!

And then I went to this high rise business ad agency and met this handsome fellow who bore a stiking resemblence to my hubby!
He's the one holding the newspaper and cigar. What a great dream!

Bye for now!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WAYBACK Wednesday!

Today, I want to show another of my childhood books, one of my favorites actually.

It's all about a little boy with an imaginary friend, a bear.
The bear starts out very big and scary....

and then becomes small and shy.

I love his little nose hanging over the edge of the tree!

Hope you liked it, bye for now!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Little Mushrooms!

Here are two more necklaces for Etsy that I just posted today! Cute little mushrooms that are perfect for summer, and these will probably be the last summery necklaces I do. I've already started on Halloween projects.
First is a mushroom done in pink and pastel green. I added two green vintage gumball beads for accent.

Next is an aqua and yellow mushroom. Colors of the sun and ocean!

I hope you will take the time to see them, and my other summer goodies at my shop!

Bye for now!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Can't Stop Watching Stop Motion!

I know there are lots of stop motion videos out there now, but this one I thought was really well done with low tech materials! Check it out....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Liddle Middle Muffet is Getting off her tuffet!

Liddle Middle Muffet has gotten off her tuffet and is looking for a new place to eat her curds and whey! You can find her on Ebay if you're interested.This weekend I went to a fabulous estate sale, so 70's! I was in heaven! I will show more of what I found later, but let me tell you that I filled two grocery bags full and it only cost $6.50! Woo! One bag was a whole box full of mostly vintage wrapping paper! Below are just a few examples:

Mod Bridal Shower
Patchwork flowers and rickrack

Bright flower field

70's Kitchen Kitsch

Hope you enjoyed! Bye for now!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monday in the Park with Sabrina

On Monday we went to the park again, and Sabrina brought her new scooter. She had fun, but quickly found out what hard work it is to use a scooter!
On Tuesday, we had storms, though their bark was worse than their bite. We didn't even get much rain. But I love the way these clouds look:

Later was a beautiful sunset, I never get tired of those! Bye for now!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WAYBACK Wednesday!

This week I found this book at an estate sale, was I ever excited! The illustrator is Art Seidan, one of my favs! Here are my the picture I love the most:What a cute little polka dot swimsuit! And the little girl below makes doing dishes look fun!
Winter fun! Although, I don't really want to think about that yet!
Back to summer, with lots of beautiful flowers! Hope you love this book too! Bye for now!

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Beautiful Sunset

Just wanted to show off Sabrina's latest painting. I love the colors in it! Of course, I'm also very partial to sunsets! We had a great weekend, because we went to see Harry Potter! Loved it!
Parts of it are different from the book, but it didn't really bother me, some things that they left out I was glad that they did. I still haven't read the last book, so I'm anxious to find out how it ends!

Here is a cute couple, Alice in Wonderliddle and her rabbit. She looking for a new home. If you are intested check here on Ebay. Well, hope everyone had a great weekend too! Bye for now!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WAYBACK Wednesday!

Today, I have another sweet cookbook for kid's cakes, from Betty Crocker. It came out in 1969 and the illustrator was Bill Sayles. This book is all illustration, no photos.

Pretty cupcakes!

Cool Giraffe!

I'm thinking that flowerpot is really groovy. I guess this is where the ice cream cone cupcake originated. Bye for now!

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Day at the Park

What a lovely day today, blue skies and warm. So Sabrina and I went to a nearby park, that had recently been remodeled. They had great big rocks you could climb, so I snapped some fun pix of her on the top o' the rock!

The play area was equally fun, it had a very tall tower, that's Sabrina at the top level.

The clouds were just so lovely! I am sort of a cloud geek, they've always fascinated me!
Bye for now!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

WAYBACK Wednesday!

This week I want to show you a cute little vintage cookbook from 1967. Actually, it's more of a birthday cake book. It features different ways to cut a cake into pieces that can be reassembled into different fun things, like a bunny or lion. And because it's made for Baker's Coconut and Dream Whip (which is still made, although I'm not sure how easy it is to get) the instructions use lots of frosting and coconut. Actually, I would really like to try making one of these someday, with or without the coconut. Especially the one below. Isn't he just darling?
And the illustrations of the cook are pretty cute too!

Don't you just love this whimsical lion? I think he looks hungry!

So I guess I'll have to run out and see if they have "Dream Whip" in my local grocery. The ingredients are a dry mix that you mix with milk and vanilla with an electric mixer. I think my mom used to use this till they came out with cool whip. Well, hope you enjoyed these pix. Bye for now!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Groovy pendants... get them while they're hot!

I'm just so excited to show off my latest endeavor, groovy mod pendants on their very on necklaces! They are in bright summery colors, and easy to wear. Each pendant is made of paper clay, hand drawn and painted and coated with varnish. Then I add vintage sequins for kitsch sparkle. Next, I hung them on a necklace of acrylic beads that I strung on elastic cord. That way you can slip them on over your head, no clasp needed. They are only 10" long, which means they fall just at the nape of the neck. The first one, below, is a sweet yellow and orange mushroom with gold sequins. I added two vintage orange paddlewheel beads to the necklace.

The next is a navy, lime and white mushroom with green sequins. This penant is a little larger.

Now, I have two owls, firstly one is shades of green. He is a larger pendant too.

The next owl, is more pastel. He is done in aqua and pink.

Isn't he sweet?

I really hope you like my new jewelry, I'm really excited about it, and I hope you will go to Etsy and check it out!

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