Friday, April 27, 2007

Look Mom! No training wheels!

Sabrina decided after supper that she wanted to take off her training wheels, pretty much out of the blue! So Rob went out and took them off and then gave her a push and guide. And believe it or not, she got it the first time!! I was so excited and proud, you would think she had won the Nobel Peace Prize! I had to call my mom right away and let her know, she was excited too! I remember when I was a kid they always said that training wheels were bad, and that you couldn't really learn how to ride properly. So much for that theory.

She spent the next 3 hrs. riding like crazy! It was almost like she had never had training wheels.
It was such a beautiful evening and the maple tree in our front yard is really starting to bud out! And not many bugs yet, what's not to like! Bye for now!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A cat, a mommy moment and vintage treasures

First, I had to take some pix of my kitty, Tigger. I don't take enough photos of him, and since our other cat, Oreo died, I vowed I would. I left the front door open for a little while so he could look out through the storm door. Next best thing to being outside. He loved it of course. He looks (and acts) kind of ornery, but he is really a sweet cat. And he loves attention!
And here are my latest finds form the weekend estate sales. Four vintage frames, a set of sillouette coasters, and a set of very tarnished silver cream and sugar. I did wipe off a bit of the dirt and tarnish after I took this pic, but I left most of it as I love it that way.
This morning was one of those mommy moments for me. I had just gotten Sabrina ready for the bus and on the way to the bus stop she asks if I put the "blue note" for the teacher in her backpack. What!!! Was I having a senior moment!?! I searched the files in my brain for school related "notes". All I could think of was the money I had sent for her school lunch and the field trip. Did I blank something out! I felt like I was in school again and realized I had forgotten to do my homework! Of course Sabrina didn't have a clue what the"note" was for, and the more I asked her the more upset she got. So I let it go, and decided to email the teacher and ask her about it. Luckily, it WAS about the money that I had sent already. So, this time I was in the clear. But I just know that I will mess up one of these days-YIKES! Bye for now!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring collage #4

This is my final collage in the series titled, "flutterby, flutterby". The series of four will be listed on ebay Sunday night. I drew the little nest just for this collage using colored pencils (my favorite medium). Yesterday, we had a great day going to a couple of estate sales. I found some more frames at the first one, yay! And, also a little silver cream and sugar set on a tray that is reeeally tarnished. The lady that rang me up said, "Boy, that is going to take a while to clean!" But I told her I love tarnished silver, the more tarnish the BETTER! She just laughed. At the second sale I found a great set of paper coasters with a black and white silhouette and a tartan plaid recipe box just chock full of old recipes! Will have fun using those in future collages! Will take some pix tomorrow, promise. Bye for now!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spring collage #3

This is the third in my spring collage series titled, "Happy woodland rover". I just finished the last one, so will get a pic of that tomorrow. Was a fun day for me, went to a couple of good estate sales. But I'm really tired, so will post more tomorrow. Bye for now! :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Spring collage #2

This is the second collage in my series and is titled "run-a-long". Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments so far! I really really enjoy doing these collages!! And am thrilled that I have found a great use for all those old frames that I find at estate sales.

Today was a shopping day, first Target where I attacked the $1 section!! I have such a hard time controlling myself there! First I found the aqua blue chip and dip (it is shown in top pic and didn't include the white bowl) that was $2.50. I plan to use it for the little bits and piece that get lost on my table. In the bottom pic are blue plastic document holders that I use to hold odd scrap pieces for my collages (you can see that I already put some in the top one). Lastly, I found the pink garden trowel and shears. I think I may have to go back and get a weeder tool too. Then I was off to the thrift store where I found the cream colored bowl shown in the top pic, for 69 cents! The ric rac and seam binding were in a bag for $1.69, and lastly the pipe cleaners for 69 cents also! That black and white bias tape is something I've never seen before, so I was very excited to find it!!! Of course, nothing can be perfect. I had to wait in line at the thrift shop forever!! And then, when they opened up new cash registers, the people behind me (who new I had been there long before them) ran over to them without a second glance at me!!! Now, I have come to the conclusion that I must be invisible! Because I cannot believe that people can be so rude. And, it happens to me all the time! In the mall, people will bang me with their shopping bags or walk right into me like I'm not even there. And, if Sabrina is holding my hand, they do the same thing to her! It must mean that the minute she holds my hand she is enveloped into my invisibility force field! And the sad thing is, these aren't young people doing these rude things. All those women were my age or older! They really should know better! Sorry if I ranted, but now that I've said it I feel much better. And, I think that what goes around, comes around. Karma baby! Bye for now! :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spring Collages #1

I decided to do a series of four collages using frames that I got at an estate sale. I painted them cream with touches of robin egg blue. Then I did the collage in shades of blue, cream, brown and black. This one is titled, "softly, softly". I will post the next one tomorrow. I will hopefully have them on ebay this Sunday. Today was a beautiful day, but cool enough to get in the garden and do some clean up. And, I decided to dig up the chive plant that was in the garden when we moved here. I'd left it in the last couple of years only because I needed to plant around it first. Let me tell you, that was like wrestling with an alligator!!! I decided if I can't afford to put a plant in yet, I will put a stepping stone to fill the space. I just had to get rid of it, because it was the monster of the garden! No offense against chives, but it's a very invasive plant. And once it is done blooming, it gets ugly looking. If my garden does well, I will take some pix of it this summer. Well, bye for now! :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Little Cup of Sunshine

This is a little something that I made for Risa's giveaway on her blog. I made it out of an old cardboard fan that I've had for years. It is small, about 3-4 inches, not including the handle. We had a great weekend, hope you did too. First, we had lovely weather! It is finally starting to feel like spring. And, Sabrina's Grandma picked her up Friday to stay for the weekend. So Rob and I had the whole weekend to ourselves. We went antiquing in Stillwater ( a quaint river town full of shops) and watched two movies! First we watched "Kate and Leopold"- loved it! Then last night we watched "Little Miss Sunshine"- also loved! And of course, spent time at Barnes and Noble where I picked up the latest. "Inspirations" magazine. Bye for now!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Thrift store Friday

These are my finds at the thrift store this week. It seems that I can usually find some great sewing and craft finds, and today was no exception! The rolls for ribbon are actually velvet, and the one on the bottom is a great shade of aqua! My favorite color! All for under $4 - SCORE! I also found a neat old 70's narrow scarf, but it's in the laundry so I forgot to take a pic. Next time! Bye for now! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter table

Today I wanted to show the table setting I did for Easter. I used my brown transferware dishes called, "Dover" by Johnson Brothers. I layered those with the creamware dishes I got not too long ago at an antique store for a $1 each. Then I added nests the I gussied up with moss and easter grass. Inside those I put chocolate robbin eggs. The centerpiece is just Easter and everyday decorations that I use around my house. I wanted to fashion a table runner too, but didn't get that accomplished. I liked how it turned out even though. Bye for now! :)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter festivities

Hi! Just wanted to post a little bit about our Easter morn. The "Easter Bunny" left a fun little note for Sabrina, and then she was off to collect eggs. There is a pic of her coming back upstairs from a successful hunt. Last pic is of her feet sticking over the top of the sofa, I couldn't resist taking a pic of that! Will post some pix tomorrow of the table settings I did for the Easter meal. Bye for now! :)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter!

It was time to dye eggs, and I never seem to buy enough! Even my husband, Rob, likes to get in on the act. I should have gotten more pix, but I always forget to get out the camera. Sabrina is wearing her newest swim suit, even though it definitely is not warm enough to wear it outside! Well, I hope everyone gets eggs-actly what they want from the Easter bunny! bye for now! :)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Refurbished eggs

This is a set of paper mache eggs that I got a Cost Plus a couple of years ago. They are german and had vintage repro easter art on them. I decided to paint them in blue and cream with polka dots (you can't really see the polka dots in the pic for some reason). The I decoupaged french postcard handwriting on the top, coated with clear german glass glitter and added cream crepe paper and ric rac. I did these for myself, not to sell. I never seem to make anything for my home! LOL Anyway, I love the way they turned out. Bye for now! :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Please check out this blog, if you already haven't! Risa has a really neat blog, and is doing a giveaway. I love anything tea party related so her blog and website are right up my alley! :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Chick in a basket

Today I finally got a chance to try making the basket and chick from Martha Stewart Living Magazine. They turned out ok I think, for a first try. The chick was pretty easy, the basket a bit harder. Partially, because I don't have a styrofoam egg for a form. So I used a styrofoam ball instead. I added little vintage flowers at the top. I definitely needed something bright and sunshiny today, since it has been raining and snowing here. Well, should probably try and get some more work done, so bye for now! :)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Just one item for ebay tonight, a little cream and pale blue pixie. This week has been time to catch up on other projects, so not much was accomplished on ebay items. One thing I did work on were some Easter cards that I made. They were lots of fun to do. It's hard to stay in a spring time mood lately, as we've had nonstop rain. And later this week we are supposed to get snow! That will hard to take! Bye for now! :)

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