Monday, March 24, 2008

Winter outside but spring inside

Of course, there was the coloring of the eggs. But this year just did a dozen, what with the price of eggs. There is nothing like a bowl of spring colored eggs to get rid of winter blues.
Easter morning the bunny left some goodies, and ate his broccoli too!
He tried to strike a balance between candy and non-candy gifts. They were all things Sabrina really wanted, and one she didn't expect! The bunny happened to find a beautiful "magic" diamond at the thrift store that he know would be perfect for a certain princess.
This is the centerpiece I came up with this year, mostly cream with a few pastels thrown in. Well, bye for now!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Just a little Easter greeting to you all! I wanted to show some eggs I made using styrofoam eggs that you wrap with embroidery floss. I found the idea in the Martha Stewart living magazine last year, but never got around to trying it till this year. Had recently found some eggs at an estate sale, and had some floss that my mom had given me. I took it a step further and added ribbon and vintage millinery flowers. They were actually pretty easy, if maybe a bit tedious. You definitely have to have patience wrapping the thread around and around! Hope everyone has a very Happy Easter! Bye for now!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Come to Florence's Spring Tea Party

Since yesterday was the first day of spring, Florence and I decided to have a little spring tea party. And just for this occasion I decided to make her a new spring bonnet.
I used blue and cream crepe paper, vintage millinery flowers, netting and chenille stem. Then I added a cream lace ribbon for her to tie it on. I think she likes it, because she asked me to make more. She also said that the tea was tasty, and we would love to offer you a cup! Hope you're having a spring like day where ever you are. Bye for now!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Easter cookies and a good hair day!

Hope "springs" eternal at my house, waiting for spring weather. In the mean time, we did some baking. Easter cookies that is. Sabrina had Friday off, so we whipped up a batch. I love the little tubes of gel frosting that you can get in Target's dollar section. They are so much fun to use! The next day, we were taking Sabrina to Grandma and Grandpa's to stay overnight. Here I am just finished getting ready, and you know how it is when you just feel like everything turned out right for a change. I'm having a good hair day, and loving my new top and necklace. So I just had to get some pix to document! The shirt and necklace both came from the thrift store, $2 for the shirt and $1.60 for the necklace! Sabrina stepped in and so I got her in one of the pix.
Just saying Hi! and Bye! for now!

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