Sunday, March 09, 2008

Easter cookies and a good hair day!

Hope "springs" eternal at my house, waiting for spring weather. In the mean time, we did some baking. Easter cookies that is. Sabrina had Friday off, so we whipped up a batch. I love the little tubes of gel frosting that you can get in Target's dollar section. They are so much fun to use! The next day, we were taking Sabrina to Grandma and Grandpa's to stay overnight. Here I am just finished getting ready, and you know how it is when you just feel like everything turned out right for a change. I'm having a good hair day, and loving my new top and necklace. So I just had to get some pix to document! The shirt and necklace both came from the thrift store, $2 for the shirt and $1.60 for the necklace! Sabrina stepped in and so I got her in one of the pix.
Just saying Hi! and Bye! for now!

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