Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of July at Barnes, say what?

I'll admit it! We spent the day at Barnes, or at least the afternoon. But to tell the truth, me and my bookworm family could spend every Sat. afternoon there! I just love to look at all the magazines and craft books. Hubby is in the entrepreneur and new age sections. And Sabrina is of course in the kids area, where she loves everything from Harry Potter to Bearenstien Bears. I was delighted to see they had the new Marie Claire Idees (it's the French version) magazine! Below is a wonderful pic from there of a sweet little travel trailer or caravan, it's it adorable?!Then there is this page of bicycle accessories in aqua, red, and white. I lust after the bell!
And the pic below just makes me want to go to the ocean, doesn't it make you happy?!

So, whether you had a BBQ, or watched fireworks, or spent the afternoon sipping a frapp; I hope you had a great 4th of July! And don't forget to check back tomorrow to see the cool new items I have on Etsy! Bye for now!


Diane said...

I too could spend my afternoon at the book store. Happy Sunday. Will check your Shop tomorrow,
Hugs, Diane

cindy said...

LOVE that mag. And I am afraid I did not get my card in in time to renew...pooh! Hope I can still find that one at Barnes.

yapping cat

Laurie said...

Hi guys! I think if you get there soon it should still be there, Cindy. It just came out I believe. :)

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