Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Countdown Resumes

Okay, I know I'm behind on my countdown here on my blog, but I have been doing well with it on Instagram. So if you follow me there, @happyasalarks you'll see all the pictures I am taking. 

Above are two of my Christmas wreaths, the top one is the one I crafted last year with a vintage Merry Christmas sign. And the bottom one I found at the thrift.

Mushroom ornaments I made for my white tree last year.

I added lights to that tree this year and I love how it looks!

Santas dancing on my kitchen shelves. 

And pretty vintage baubles of silver.
Bye for now! 

1 comment:

Vix said...

Your knitted mushrooms! I'd crochet a chain and make them into a necklace! x

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