Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This is a pixie that I recently sold that I wanted to share. It will give a good idea of my style, for anyone that is new to me. I love the combination of black and cream. And polka dots. And lots and lots and lots of glitter!! Lots! I make the bodies and heads out of paper mache, hand painted and coated in clear german glass glitter. The arms and legs are made of vintage chenille stems (pipe cleaners). Then I embellish with with vintage crepe paper, vintage odds and ends and of course lots and lots of glitter! Well, bye for now! :)

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jenny holiday said...

Ohhh Hoooray!!! Hoooray!!! I am sooo excited!! My goodness!! This is going to be so so fun!! Congrats on your new blog!! Boy I wish I could figure out blogger....putting links on it....have you gotten that far? ..let me know when you do!! I will be sure to add you to my current blog!! YAY!! Laurie!!
xoxo Jenny

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