Monday, November 13, 2006

Mary Poppins at Macy's!

Wow! What a crazy week last week was! Had lots of school events and was trying to get some more work done on my Christmas items for Ebay. Will be taking some pix of finished items in the next day or two. This weekend we went to the Christmas display on the 8th floor of the downtown Macy's. It used to be Marshall Fields, and before that it was Daytons. Thankfully, through all the changes they have continued to do the Christmas display. This year the theme was Mary Poppins, and they did a great job as usual. The top pic is of Mary flying up the bannister of the staircase. The second is of the chalk drawings and the third is of the old woman feeding the birds. The last is of me and Sabrina at the show, as usual with one of her silly grins. We have gone to this display every year since I met my husband, and now it is even more fun with Sabrina along. I usually buy an ornament too, and then date it, so we can remember which year we got it. Will try and get a pic of that too, to post. Well, better get back to my ornies, so I can get the pix on here soon. Laurie:)

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Jenny Holiday said...

Ohh how funn!! Thanks so so much for sharing all these pics!! Wow! Wish I didn't live so far away!! Looks awesome!

Sabrina is as adorable as ever!! Wow she has grown a lot!! My goodness! Look at all the personality in that pic!! So cute!!

Love that you have this tradition!!
Happy Holidays!!
xoxo Jenny

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