Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sabrina's Christmas pic

This is a pic I took of Sabrina to send out with Christmas cards. It probably would have been easier to get her picture taken professionally. She always gives me goofy smiles. But I wanted to spend that money on presents, so decided to give it a try. Well, after much frustration and cursing (under my breath), this was the last pic I took. It's not bad, although she insisted on wearing her hat. This is the hat that she has worn everyday for the past year! It's starting to look pretty bad, but she loves it for some reason. Somehow she makes it look pretty cute! Laurie:)

1 comment:

jenny holiday said...

ohhh what a doll!! hat!!...Yep..I think I have seen it on her in every photo over the last year!! funny!! kids just have their funny little things! I had a dress that I wanted to wear everyday! my "jungle dress"!! lol

xoxo Jenny

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