Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sabrina at her summer dance class

Sabrina has been going to a introductory dance class once a week, for the last couple of months. As I saw how much she was enjoying it I decided we had to get her into the winter class that goes from Sept. through May. I also decided she needed proper dance clothes. She sure looks the part! Below she is doing her stretches.
She just loves twirling of course!
The last part of class is tap dance. Wish I could take the class with her! Bye for now!


Carol said...

very nice artwork. I see you have a princess too! I have several....LOL
found you on Lolli guild

ArtsyMama said...

New blog name. Cool!!!!

Your ballerina is adorable:)

Laurie said...

Yes! I decided Bewitched Magic just fit better. Sabrina says thank you! :)

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