Friday, December 18, 2009

Thrift Craft Fun!

Here's a fun Christmas project that I didn't have to buy
any material for!
First, I save cardboard all the time, because it has so many uses.
And I realized we didn't make any gingerbread men when we made molasses cookies.
So, I thought I would use brown cardboard and trace the shape of a gingerbread
man cookie cutter onto it.
I cut out three for this project.
Then I set up the table with all the different glitters, glitter glues, puffy paints, sequins,
and some ric rac in red and white.

Then we just had fun decorating!
Here is mine:
And here is Sabrina's:

And here is the gingerbread girl that we collaberated on:
Sabrina got the idea of painting her nails!

Finally we hung them on the art gallery string I have under the chalkboard in the kitchen.

There are also some snowflakes we made one day.
I love how these turned out, and it was so fun!
Bye for now!

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magikalseasons said...

What a wonderful idea using cardboard.:) I also wanted to thank you for posting the craft cult link. It's wonderful when you make Etsy's front page! Congrats!:) I was able to see mine and other friends who have etsy shops. Love your shops & blog too! Wishing you a very Merry weekend. Becca

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