Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Make Your Own Flower Loom

 Before I was able to find a vintage flower loom 
I devised my diy version
that works great for simple flower loom flowers.
I love my vintage looms, 
because they are so versatile.
But I still use my diy version 
to make a bigger sizes than I can with the vintage.
So here goes.

You will need:
*Cutting mat
*Exacto knife
*Foam core (corugated cardboard might work 
but wouldn't be as sturdy)
*Nails with no heads
*Pen or pencil
* Something round to use as a template

 I used a vintage flower loom as my template.
It measures about 4 1/2 - 5 inches across.

 It's easier to cut out one corner at a time
rather than the whole circle at once.
And it doesn't have to be perfect!

It really helps to have an inside circle,
for when it comes time to weave the middle of the flower.
This is also when you should mark the nail positions,
twelve evenly spaced.

 Add numbers 1-12.

Insert the nails at the tick marks.

Now you can make flowers galore!
For a tutorial on that go to this great site.


Prissy John said...


Anonymous said...

May you please show how to make a bloom loom too? That would really help because this one has the needles coming out of the side, and the bloom loom has them from the top . I will search again in a week.thanks!

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