Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reptile Feeding at the Dam

 It was a beautiful day last Sunday,
so we checked out the 
Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park.

 It was built in 1913 
to provide hydroelectric power.

 Now it's used for recreation 
and education only.
I got a bit of vertigo looking down 
at the foaming water.

There were people fishing everywhere.

 But the real reason we went is that 
the visitors center 
was feeding their reptiles,
and my girl loves reptiles
(especially snakes)!
Here is a map turtle being fed.
Bye for now!


vivian said...

Hi Laurie! Looks like a beautiful place to hang out. I kept wondering what the reptiles would be! Lol! Turtles never even crossed my mind...
oh dear! its still early.. I think I need some caffiene!
have a great day.

manda said...

wow, all that water! I love reptiles too!! your girl has good taste.

Denise M. DesLauriers said...

I get vertigo like that too, Sis. Also standing in high places. :o) Looks like a fun day!

Laurie said...

Hi Vivian! Yes, it was a bunch of different turtles and one black rat snake. My girl got to hold the snake, so that made her day! :)

Laurie said...

Hi Manda, she was so excited to hold that snake!
Hey sis! It was only bad when I looked straight down, otherwise it was fine. Very pretty too! :)

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