Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A New Adventure

 My girl is just finishing the 6th grade,
and we've been worried about the choices
we had for middle school.
Where we live the public schools are either
okay or not so good.
And private school is not an option for us, 
not that I really wanted to go that route.
She has also been through a fair amount of bullying
and negative attitudes,
which really bothers me since I went through that 
when I was a kid.
So we looked into online schools and found out 
that there is a public online school we could enroll her in.
We were going to wait till next fall,
but after going to a open house, she wanted to start right away.
She started in March and so far it's been pretty great!
There have been some tricky bits,
here and there, 
but we are all really happy with it so far
and I'm really glad we found this.
It's not for everyone, you have to have 
a parent that can stay home and a child that is 
organized and self motivated. 
It suits us just fine! 
Here are some of the art projects we've been working on for school.
Above is a clay facade.
Below is a collograph print.
 This was her puff car challenge for science.
 And here is our favorite art project so far,
 a clay fox! 
I made one two,
I will show more photos of those tomorrow!
Bye for now!

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