Thursday, September 19, 2013

Crocheting Book Review

 Recently I checked out this book
from the library,
"Crochet with Color"
by Kazuko Ryokai.
I really love the projects 
and couldn't wait to get started!

Then I realized that all the patterns
were in chart form only.
I've never tried to use a chart pattern before,
so I was a little lost at first! 
But I finally figured it out,
and now I really like using charts.
I'm so glad I didn't give up!
 I made a number of things,
including this lacy purple collar.
I also made wristlets to match,
but didn't get a pic of those yet.
 Then I tried this smaller collar in blues.
Both patterns were very fun to do,
and I would definitely recommend this book
if you don't mind using charts.
Bye for now!


Jenny Holiday said...

Oh my gosh!!! These collars are so fantastic!! Wow! Great job!! Will you be selling any?

Happy Happy Fall friend!!

Laurie said...

Thanks Jenny!
I'm glad you like them, I haven't really thought about selling them.
But I could make one for you if you would like! :)

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