Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pinecone Turkey DIY

 Here is a quick little project for 
Thanksgiving and fall!
I got the idea from some vintage decorations I have,
but I tried to improve on them.

 So the materials needed are:
bump chenille stems (6 bumps cut into 3 pairs)
markers in brown and gold
brown pipe cleaner

 You want to cut the bump stems into sets of 2 bumps,
three sets per bird.
Cut the plain stem in half.

You could use brown or orange bump stems,
but I had beige ones on hand,
so I colored them myself with markers.
This way I could color the bumps ombre style 
with brown at the bottom  and gold on the tip.

 Then you wind each set of bumps around 
the bottom of the cone to make a tail.

 After you have all the tail "feathers" on,
take one half of the brown pipe cleaner to fashion
a head and neck, then wind that around the front tip 
of the pine cone.
 The other half of pipe cleaner you 
shape into a "u" to wrap around the middle of the cone,
this will be the feet.
 That's it! 
I think they would make great decorations,
or could be used as a favor at each place setting at the table.
Bye for now!

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