Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Jam Jar Candle Holder DIY

 My hubby is a Bonne Mamon Jamaholic,
so I always have at least a couple of these cute jars around.
So I thought I'd make one into a sweet little candle holder.
With Valentines Day coming
I thought of using lace to dress it up.

 This is a super simple craft
and all you need is:
jam jar
votive candle

 Cut your lace to fit around the jar,
I ended up using a narrower lace,
as it fit better.
Dilute you glue with a little water 
to make it spread easier and decoupage
the lace onto the jar.

 Then just add you votive!
I used a battery operated votive
I found in Target's dollar section
because I wanted to use it as a night light.

 Plus, with the fake votive you can put the lid on too!

Bye for now!

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