Friday, August 22, 2014

Flashback Friday

 I've been seeing a lot of late 70's 
and early 80s dresses on some of my fav blogs
(Curtise and Vix),
so I had to see if I could find my old pix
of some of the great dresses I had back in the day.
Above is a dress I wore in 1981,
and was always one of my favorites!
It was  perfect color and so flattering on me.
I wish I still had it!
 Next is a cute dress I had for my class "skip" trip,
my senior year, 1979.
Wish I wasn't slouching in the photo!

Finally is a shot of me on my way to sophmore year in college, 
with my cousin.
I know this isn't a dress, but I always loved that jacket,
and if I could find jeans like that now,
I would definitely wear them!
I do think high waist jeans are making a comeback,
let's hope so!
Bye for now!


GardenOfDaisies said...

You haven't changed a bit! Just as cute now as you were then! I remember a lot of similar clothes. (we are only about a year apart.)

Curtise said...

LOVE these photos, Laurie! The dresses are fabulous (I'd wear the both in a heartbeat), and you look so cool in your bomber jacket and jeans! xxx

Vix said...

You had some fabulous dresses, didn't you?
I love old photos, you are still just as pretty now.
High waist jeans have been "in" here for a while. They should start cropping up in the charity shops soon. xxx

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks for your sweet comments! I think those chubby cheeks keep me looking young! I knew you would like those dresses, Curtise, they are so similar to ones you've been wearing! I hope you are right, Vix,
I really would like to have a pair of jeans like that again! :)

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