Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Vintage Suitcase Turned into Crochet Bag

 I wanted to have a tote to carry around my
current crochet projects, 
so I took this vintage vinyl bag 
and did a makeover!

 One side has a pocket and the other a zippered pocket, 
perfect for holding hooks and a scissors.
First I did the pocket side, punching holes along the top edge.

 I then did a blanket stitch,

 And then did a crochet edging,
which I ended up redoing in white and yellow
to make it more substantial.

 Then I glued some pretty fabric to the bottom half
on both sides.

 And on the zippered side I glued a strip of pom pom trim.

I love how it turned out,
it makes crocheting even more fun!
Bye for now!


Curtise said...

Genius! It looks amazing, Laurie, you are so clever! xxx

peaches mcginty said...

I say it all the time! you are talented! I love how you can look at something and then transform it! Never in a million years would I have thought of an idea like that x x x

Laurie Duncan said...

Gee, thank you both! I really had fun doing this! :)

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