Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Vintage Hankies

The other day I was ironing these vintage hankies
when I realized I'd never taken photos of them, 
shame on me!
They are just too pretty!
It's hard to find a good use for them in today's world,
I hung some up in my bedroom clothesline style. 
I tend to love the brighter colored ones now, 
but most of these were handed down to me by my mom
so there are some more pastel ones too.
The flower basket one above is one of my favs.

 These two are favorites
because they have yellow in them.

And I love how this one is round, 
that seems to be rather uncommon for hankies!
Which one is your favorite?
 Bye for now!


Vix said...

How pretty! x

Kelly Roy said...

All are pretty but last one so unusual.A great collection to look at!

Curtise said...

Aren't they lovely? My grandma had a box of hankies which I loved playing with as a kid. xx

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