Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fall fun at the Pumpkin Farm!

Yesterday, was our annual trip to a pumpkin farm that is about 30 min. away from us. It's called Country Sun Farms. We've been going there ever since, my hubby, Rob and I met. Over the years they have added new attractions, such as this haunted house that Rob and my daughter, Sabrina, are standing in front of. There are big, beautiful turkeys that run around the house. This year they added an outhouse and trunk that shake and open all by themselves! I love the big signs with the head cut out to take your picture. This one with Rob, Sabrina and the "witch", is one of my favorites. They added a couple more of those this year, so now they have at least a dozen! And Sabrina wanted a picture with each and every one! We sure had a blast! Laurie:)

1 comment:

Jenny Holiday said...

What a happy lil family!!! Sabrina looks toooo cute!!

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