Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More Halloween Decorations

Here are a few more pix of Halloween displays that I thought turned out pretty well. The top two pix are in my kitchen, in opposite corners. In one corner is my black tinsel feather tree decorated in black and orange. In the other corner is a large bird cage I painted black. All it needed to be spooky was a white pumpkin and a black crow. The last pic is a display I did on top of a dresser in my living room. It is meant to look a bit like a laboratory. I'm not totally happy with it, but will work on it more next year. I have limited money to spend on Halloween, but half the fun is trying to use what you already have and make it fit. Can't believe Halloween is almost here! Hope I have enough candy!! Bye for now! Laurie:)

1 comment:

Jenny Holiday said...

Ohhh how awesome everything looks!!! WOW!! Great displays Laurie!! Love it all!!! How fun!! I bet Sabrina loves it!! Everything looks so great!! What a Super mom!!!

xoxo Jenny

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