Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some special Halloween ornaments!

Had to take a few more pix of my Halloween decorations, since I added some new ornaments to my black and cream feather tree. They are the two art squared pieces shown in the top pic. They are done by my good friend and great artist Jenny. She is the best! I LOVE her creations! The tree they are on is in my living room next to my armoire. On another wall is a set of silhouettes. I got the frames at an estate sale, and the middle one already had a silhouette of a little child. The other two were empty, so I made silhouettes of a witch and a vampire. Thought they turned out kind of neat. Well, better go and clean out my office so I can start working again! Bye for now, Laurie:)

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Jenny Holiday said...

SO SO funnn!! I love your tree!! Where'd you find it? So great!! I love how much you got into Halloween this year!! All of your displays are so fun and creative!! I am thrilled to be a part of your tree!! and equally as thrilled to have your work as part of our home!!

Thanks so so much!!!
xoxo Jenny

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