Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wow! I love fall so much, that even really bad allergies can't take away from my enjoyment! It's not just the color of the leaves, it's the way the daylight looks this time of year. And even the cloudy days have a special quality to them. My daughter Sabrina calls them "goo clouds", I guess because they have that heavy leaden look to them. Very atmospheric! Just need more cold days, to kill off the ragweed, has been warmer than average here. Anyhoo, have pics of my latest auctions on ebay.
First, to the left is my fairy on a box, "October". Above that is an art squared "Pumpkin Fairie", and directly above is an aceo called "Frost on the pumpkin". The art squared and the aceo are what is called art cards. If you've never heard of them they are big new trend in art. Technically they are the size of a baseball card (2 1/2 x 3 1/2) and can be traded or sold. There is also art squared cards, mine have always been 4x4, but can be other sizes. I really enjoy doing art cards because they are quicker to do, and because they can show collage and altered art so well. Normally art cards don't have anyway to hang them, but I like to add a length of ribbon or ric rac. That way they don't have to be framed. I'm working on one more fairy on a box and a set of fairies for a feather tree. Then I will be winding down for Halloween. I'm already thinking of ideas for Christmas! Have seen some really cute vintage items on ebay that are really inspiring me! So I'm itching to get started! Stay tuned! Laurie:)

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Jenny Holiday said...

My gosh...Every season you dazzle more than the season before!! I looove these new pixies!! I cannot wait to get my newest!! I have a spot all ready for it!! Hope your allergies calm down!!! We need Sabrina pics on here!!! And Hallowen decor!! hop to it lady!!
xoxo Jenny

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