Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Big cats in small places

Tigger our cat is a BIG cat, so when I saw this I had to take a picture! He wanted to be on that window sill so bad, that he wasn't going to let a little problem like a big butt get in the way. The funny thing is, when we got him many years ago, he was able to crawl underneath my treadmill! Probably a good thing he can't do that anymore, as that might lead to a horrible accident!
This is Sabrina holding a science project they did in her class to show how the stomach digests food. She drew the face on the stomach, then they put it in a plastic bag. After she brought it home, she put crushed bits of cracker in the bottom and then I added a little bit of water. When I told her that we couldn't save it after the cracker was "digested" she was upset. So I told her we take a picture to remind her of it! :)

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