Sunday, October 07, 2007

Witch's cupboard

Finally taking some pix of the Halloween decorations in my house, and started with one of the walls in my dining area. I call this my "witch's cupboard" as this is where she keeps all her potions, spells and momentos.
There are some of the spell books on the shelf, she just got a new one in fact!
There's an old family photo and a container of dried bat wings.
Here is a pic of grandma witch and her pet crow is checking out some interesting eggs.
This is a paper mache and crepe paper doll I did a few years ago and she is holding a tag that was made by Denise. The polka dot pumpkin is from her too! Time to whip up more potions (and take more pix)!

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ArtsyMama said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures of your Halloween decor. It looks fabulous!!! So creative and unique and LOVE that it's all black and white. Wonderful!!! Love the witch you made. Fabulous job. Can't wait to see more pics. Thanks for the inspiration.

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