Sunday, January 28, 2007

My latest Ebay Valentines

These are my latest Valentine items for Ebay. This has been a crazy week! We had to pull up our beautiful wood floor in our kitchen the week before because our fridge leaked a bunch of water. Then, we kept smelling gas off and on all week! We finally determined it was the stove, probably from moving it out to pull up the wood floor. So finally today, we had the gas company guy come out, and thankfully he was able to fix it. Friday was school picture day for Sabrina, so had to wrestle with her to get a comb through her hair! Hopefully the picture turned out okay, if it did I will definitely share it with you. Am also trying to prepare for Sabrina's birthday next week. Her birthday is on Tuesday, so will go in on that day to volunteer instead of Wed. That way I can bring the treat for the class. It is just store bought rice krispy bars, they won't let us bake anything at home. Bummer! Then next week end we will have a birthday party with cake and presents, Grandma and Grandpa, and friends. Should be lots of fun!


jenny holiday said...

ohhhhhh I am in trouble now!!! : )

I want them all!!!! My goodness!!!

Let the bidding wars begin!! lol!!

Congrats!! I am so excited to know that I will be able to say I knew you when ...!!!

Happy Creating Laurie!!
xoxo Jenny

jenny holiday said...

oh boy...sorry to hear about your chaotic week!! How'd you deal with your flooring? Did you need new wood? Yikes!!

Cannot wait to see Sabrina's pic!!

Are you baking her cake again this year? Wow time flew!

xoxo me

thesoulofhope said...

Oh these are ADORABLE! I love the color combos you are using!

tracy said...


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