Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day weekend! This is what my little Sabrina made for me at school. First is a bookmark with her picture and a flower made out of thumbprints! Next is a zinnia that she planted from seed in a milk carton. The carton was wrapped in pretty paper. So sweet!
This is a bush that was here when we moved into the house and it blooms like this every spring. I love it, but I would love to know what it is for sure. I have my guesses, but wonder if anyone knows what it is?
Here are my latest finds at the thrift store! Can't believe I scored these great apothecary jars!!!! The large one was $2 and the small one was $1! I also got 2 tarnished silver salt shakers. One has a paper mache dress form that I glued on as part of a project. Then there are the little grapevine cones, can't wait to make little baskets out of those! And lastly, a round wood hatbox that I will probably paint. Well, before I go, here is some Chinese fortune cookie wisdom ( literally, found in a fortune cookie, I save the ones I really like):
"Diplomacy is the art of letting someone have your way."
Bye for now! Have a great weekend! :)


Gypsy Purple said...

This is beautiful....Hope you had a lovely Mothers Day...

The Tattered Nest said...

Hi, that flowering bush looks like it is either a rodedendrien bush(I know I spelled this wrong) or azeala's...What great thrift shop finds! lucky girl. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! The purple flowers are a wysteria bush...take care,Gail

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