Sunday, February 03, 2008

Valetine's Day on Etsy

Sunday night is here, and time to contemplate the weekend. Finally had a weekend with a little fun in it. Grandma watched Sabrina, so Rob and I got a chance to go out yesterday. Just lunch at Panera and browsing at Barnes and Noble, but that is one of our favorite things to do. Sometimes, like yesterday, I will buy a couple of magazines. And other time, I just look and soak up the atmosphere. But we alway seem to leave inspired and eager to create. These Valentine fairies were actually made last week and I have them on Etsy right now. The first one is "love", and she has a bit of a jeweled pin her hand.
The second one is "chocolat" and I gave here a pet bird. They are both done in pink, cream and brown. I've really enjoyed working on these valentine fairies, but I have to admit, I'm itching to start on spring! I'm itching for spring period!! Unfortunately, it is supposed to snow tomorrow! So much for thoughts of spring! Bye for now!


Rose Garden Romantic said...

How did I never find your blog before? Love your Valentine fairies!

kecia said...

the little fairies on boxes are too cute! you are right, there is something extremely relaxing about browsing leisurely through a book store! i always find great books and feel really content when i leave and excited to read my purchases!

Anonymous said...

Your items are adorable!

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