Friday, April 17, 2009

Best Mail Day Ever!

Well, yesterday was the best mail day ever! First I got two big boxes from my flickr buddy Gypsy! She sent a whole bunch of fun things for Sabrina.
And, yay for me, she sent me a whole bunch of Dark Shadows dvds that she is lending me!!! I've already watched some of it today! Wow! It's so much fun to watch!! Thanks so much Gypsy!
Then, I got two children's books that I won on Ebay that I was dying to have! That have wonderful illustrations that are so inspiring to me!
And lastly, but definitely not least, I got the May issue of Stampington Studio. What's so special about that, you might say? Well, I"M IN IT! Yay for me! I've been wanting this for so long, and a couple of months ago, when I got the invitation, I was thrilled beyond compare. This is such a big deal to me! Now I feel that if I've reached this goal, I can do anything! I will show more pix soon, but I thought I should wait till it hits the news stands. So, anyway, I want to send out a big thank you to Jenny Doh and everyone at Stampington. They did a beautiful job of photographing my art, it looked even better that I thought it would. So I can't say thank you enough!
Finally, I just thought I'd throw in a pic of some little pixie bodies waiting to come to life. Bye for now! :)


Lynn DesLauriers said...

Congratulations, Sis! Hard work does pay off.

Laurie said...

Thanks! It sure does! :)

Denise M. DesLauriers said...

Absolutely Awesome! Mom and I are doing our happy dance for you!! :oD

Denise and Mom

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hurray Laurie,congrats!!!


Laurie said...

Thanks Sis and Mom! Thanks Mary! :)

Jim @ said...

You are lucky, it seems like we just get junk mail! Cool goodies for you, enjoy!

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