Monday, November 09, 2009

What's New! Craft of the Day!

"When can we bring out the Christmas tree?"

That's what I've been hearing a lot lately from this little girl......

Well, if it were up to me and there was no Thanksgiving, I'd be putting it up now.
I'm as antsy as she is!
But, I can't quite bring myself to break with tradition just yet. So I thought we'd do a small taste of the Christmas tree decorating!
Which leads me to this sweet, but rather unhappy little tree that my mom sent for Sabrina to have.

It came with a set of mini ornies, and it looks pretty good decorated that way, but unfortunately the base broke when I was trying to assemble it! Then, I got an epiphany and decided to make a new base for it (because no amount of glue was going to fix it!).

So, I grabbed a little bucket I had in my studio that has a styrofoam ball in it. I used it to prop paper mache pieces to dry. I painted it red and covered the ball with snow tex.

While the snow tex was still wet, I added some vintage glitter and stars.
After that I stuck the little tree in the base and we started decorating with the ornies that came with it. And I finished off with a little red bow around the base of the tree.

I think it turned out pretty good, and I plan to use it in Sabrina's room. Will take pix when I get that figured out.
Bye for now!


Diane said...

The tree looks darling great teamwork girls!

Mary Wadsworth said...

I have to agree with Sabrina, it's time to deck the halls:) The little tree is super cute!


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh, your daughter looks SO happy to have that tree. What great work you've done with it. Thanks for posting about the auctions. I'll have to check them out. Theresa

Denise M. DesLauriers said...

That really turned out cute! Great idea!

Grandma Viv and Denise

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