Thursday, February 25, 2010

More toy fun!

Hi! I'm back with more from my second childhood!
First, I got another Moxie Girl doll, called Avery!
Don't you just love her hair and her roller skates?
Those skates are so "old school"!

Next, I made an exciting find at Target,
these super cute erasers!
Most of them are shaped like food and they are puzzles too,
so you can take them apart.

I've seen similar sets at other stores for much more money and these are just as cute!

I especially like the ice cream treats, but the toothbrush set is
adorable too!

Lastly, I got a couple more Yummi land dolls!
The first one went to Sabrina,
and her name is "Lucy Lollipop" with her pet "Piper Peanut Butter".
That pet really smell like peanut butter too!

And, the other one is "Taryn Taffy" with her pet "Bridget Black Licorice".

I love her hair and outfit!

Oh, and before I go, just a note to let you know
that I have this cute little childs or doll suitcase
It's so darn cute, and I hated to part with it!
Bye for now!

1 comment:

Marcie Hart - A Work Of Hart said...

Love the ice cream cones! Looks like fun to me!!! LOL ;-)

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