Thursday, February 18, 2010

Second Childhood

I think I must be going through a second childhood, because I've developed a new
interest (or maybe I should say obsession) with toys!
Especially dolls with big eyes and beautiful hair, like these Yummi Land dolls.
The first one is Betsy Bubblegum with her pet Susie Sprinkles Seal.
They each smell like their name, by the way.
Next is Bailey Banana Bliss and her pet Penny Pineapple Passion.
Love her curly hair!

They each come with a purse that is lip gloss and a brush.
Below is Rachel Raspberry Swirl and her pet Pistachio Polar bear.
Unfortunately they don't make these anymore, but you can get them on Amazon and Ebay.

I'm also getting a kick out of Hello Kitty, not everything, but certain pieces,
such as the pair below!

Peace, Love and Happiness!
And these cute key chains, the one on the left smells like strawberry!
I love things with sweet scents!
Lastly, I love all the Japanese toys out there, like the little guys below.
They are call Cactus Puppies!

Will be showing more soon!
Bye for now!

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