Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Belt DIY

  Today I will show how
I made the belt from my outfit above.
I found this stiff ribbon 
at the thrift.
It's meant to be embroidered,
and I may do that yet.
But for now I left it plain.
 It just happened to be the right length to fit around my waist,
so no trimming.
 I also found a bunch of belt buckles 
at the thrift, 
that I've been dying to use.

 So I simply looped the belt through, 
and overlapped, 
then sewed in place.
I used a scallop stitch (on the machine)
to pretty it up.
 Then I folded over the hem on the other end
and gave it the same decorative stitch.
I'm sure a plain straight stitch would work fine too.

 It did have creases in it from being wrapped around the cardboard,
but once I put it on you didn't notice that at all!
I really loved how it turned out,
and it only took a few minutes to make.
I think any stiff ribbon would work,
like a grograin maybe.
Bye for now!

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