Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

Have been really busy this week
working on a make over of my girls room.
I will show pix as soon as it is done.
It has sucked up my time though, 
so I thought I would just do this fun list
that I found here.

Making :  up for lost time on the internet
Cooking :   with fresh veggies from the farm
Drinking :   Diet Dr. Pepper cherry (my guilty pleasure)
Reading:   Undead and Unsure by Mary Janice Davidson
Looking:   at all the stuff from daughters room that needs to go to the thrift
Playing:   with the kitty when I get a chance
Wasting:   is something I try not to do
Sewing:   some more clothing soon
Wishing:   there was more time in the day
Enjoying:   the beautiful weather we've been having
Waiting:   for a vintage pattern to come in the mail
Liking:   Facebook a little more now
Wondering:   how to get the bathroom to clean itself
Loving:  my life
Hoping:   to sell more on Etsy in the future
Marvelling    how fast the summer has gone
Needing:   to find a vanity for my daughters room for cheap
Smelling:   tomatoes from my lunch
Wearing:   comfy shorts I made last summer
Following:   lots of blogs on Bloglovin
Noticing:   my hair needs to get dyed soon
Knowing:   it probably won't be today
Thinking:   about getting the mail
Feeling:   creative
Bookmarking:   ideas for my daughter's room
Opening:   a package soon I hope
Giggling:   about the "Sad Cat Diary" on Youtube
Feeling:   content

Bye for now

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