Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Here's a Tip

 You know those crochet boot slippers I made,
well  here is a little tip.
When I finish with the pattern, I like to add an
inside cushion.
And outside I like to reinforce the sole.
Now, I used shoe cushion inserts from
a pair of work out shoes I no longer wear,
but you can use any shoe insert you like.
I like how it gives the slipper extra cushion
and makes the sole more shaped.
I also use that same insert to cut out pieces of 
thick felt to make a bottom sole.
This will protect the bottom of my slippers and
make them last a bit longer.

 I simply trace the insert onto the felt and cut out, 
then blanket stitch onto the bottom of my slippers.
When those soles wear out, I will  make new ones 
to replace them, easy peasy!

Hope you like this tip,
bye for now!

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