Monday, August 24, 2015

A Walk in the Park

It was such a beautiful day last Thursday that my daughter and I decided to go to our favorite place to walk.

We hadn't been in a while because of the heat, so it was really a treat to get back.
It's so lush this time of year that it often feels like you're walking through a tunnel.

The trees are so tall in places that it's like being in a cathedral.

We stopped a few times to enjoy the view and chatted with an elderly gentleman who is a regular. He rides his bicycle with a carrier full of his little dogs. He said that through the years he has logged over a thousand miles! And he was in the paper too!

We will have to come back more now that the weather is changing, especially when the leaves start turning. 
Bye for now!

1 comment:

Vix said...

I love that stream and all the lush greenery. What a lovely place to spend time. x

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