Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cardigans and Coats

 With the cooler weather I've been looking at my fall and winter wardrobe
and trying to see what I might be lacking. 
Of course I'm always seeing coats I love, even if I don't need them. 
Like the one above and below from Timeout.http://www.time-out.to/index.php?lang=en

 I also love this cardigan of theirs.
 Unfortunately, I'm not really an online shopper,
I just prefer to try on my clothes before I buy them.
But I found one in blue at Target this weekend
and it was 20% off with my Cartwheel,
so I brought it home!
Can't wait to try it out this fall, 
would like to belt it and maybe wear with skinny jeans
or a plaid skirt.
What are you excited about wearing this fall?
Bye for now!

1 comment:

Diane Mars said...

I have been picking up warmer clothes at my second hand shops, I think I am longing to wear a pair of boots again! Fingers crossed for cooler weather...

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