Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thrift store finds and bulletin boards

Here are my latest finds from the thrift store, I love that place more and more all the time! First there are two silver trays and one silver bowl, all for 70 cents each. The two little frames were each 70 cents also. Then there was the ric rac for 30 cents each and some little truffle boxes and cups. Lastly, I found a pink cutting mat for about $1! I have it on my desk right next to my computer, so I can cut and work on the internet at the same time.

These are pix of my two bulletin boards, I LOVE bulletin boards! I buy these at the thrift store whenever they are cheap enough. The first one I painted the frame light blue with chocolate brown polka dots, and the background brown. It turned out to be the perfect spot to show off Jenny and Aaron's cupcake artwork. I also have some of Sabrina's artwork hanging at the bottom. The second one is cream with black seaming binding tape around the edge. It was mostly Halloween, when I first put it up, but now it more general. Well, gotta get back to work, as I have a big order to complete for Rosanna from Italy. Bye for now! :)


Stephanie said...

I love your little framed pictures. Honestly, I very rarely find the treasures you Northern Girls find. LOL NO lie. What is it about the south?????LOL But to be fair I have only been thrifting (a lot) since December. Oh well I won't let it get me down!!!!

Jennifer said...

WOW Laurie! What awesome little finds! The frams are too cute, and even better CHEAP! hee! hee! Im sure you will make them look fabulous in one of your upcomming projects. Cant wait!

Cheryl said...

Love this! I have inspiration boards, as well, but it's SO FUN to see someone else's. :) Hugs, Cheryl

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