Friday, September 28, 2007

Black and White and Halloween all over

Guess I'm really in a black and white frame of mind! And I guess you can tell that I love silhouettes. I found these wonderful black chalkware frames last year about this time and decided to make my own Halloween silhouettes for them.
Thought I would do a vampire and a witch. I think they turned out pretty well, and had so much fun making them. Hard to photograph though.
This year I'm still on the silhouette kick, and had fun making some tags with them. I use these for the items I sell on Ebay, to decorate the packages. I'm just about done decorating for Halloween, so will take some pix soon. Bye for now!


ArtsyMama said...

CAN'T WAIT to see your Halloween pics. Love these new silhouette's. Check my blog for this fantastic store I found in Wayzata. Wouldn't be too far for you:)

Stephanie said...

Girlfriend, those silhouette kick !LOL I love the ones on the kleenex box too I have never like hallowen time because of the really gross over the top gore that freak my daughters out. YOU know, half of a mans torso being eaten by rats. Just lovely things like that!!!!!!
hahahah That graces in entrance to the mall. Any way you are super talented and I wanted to encourage you!!!!!!xoxox Steph

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