Monday, October 01, 2007

Trick or Treat baskets

After I made some of these for the Sweet and Sinister Swap, I decided I would make more to sell on ebay. Of course, I'm really wishing I had made more items for Ebay for Halloween. Every year I'm feeling this way. Like I could made much more if I'd tried harder. But there is just so much to do this time of year. Maybe I'm just expecting too much from myself, that's not unusual for me.
I'm trying to get the house decorated too, which is a bit overwhelming. I'm just to much of a perfectionist. And, I really want to start baking, but it's been too warm. I'm ready for cold weather and being cozy. So today, since I'm not baking, I lit a yummy smelling maple candle. It'll do for now! :)

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Amy H. said...

Hi Laurie,

I think we women tend to always think we need to do more than we could possibly get done in one lifetime. I'm impressed with how many creations you make. You always seem to have something new and cute out. I'm just happy to get a swap mailed on time or make the deadline for a magazine submission. I have great intentions of opening an etsy shop but never seem to get there.

Amy H. aka loca.mama on Flickr

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