Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Be it ever so humble

I was out in my little garden this morning laying down new mulch, and realized what a pretty morning it was. It's just a humble garden, not nearly as amazing as some of the gardens I see on other blogs. But I'm pretty happy with how it has progressed from nothing when we moved here to where it is now. And, on a very tight budget. It's so tight this year that I have made use of my mom's garden decorations that she no longer uses and some old decorations of mine. They fill in the empty spots nicely!
It gets a little better every year, and I guess that it mirrors my life. I've definitely have planted a few things in my life (like in my garden) that died. But then some things have really blossomed and grown. Learn from your failures and rejoice in your victories. And then lay a little mulch to keep out the weeds! Bye for now!

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