Sunday, August 09, 2009

Scary Weather and Pancakes

We had a bit of a scare here last night. I was watching the clouds get big and scary through my office window (that's why the pic isn't so great, the screen on the window gives the moire affect) and thought I'd better check the weather. Come to find out that we were under a tornado warning! Yikes! So we all stayed downstairs watching to see if anything touched down, but thankfully nothing happened in our neighborhood! There was some damage in a few areas, but I don't think it was too bad.

Today, I was about to make pancakes with the mix you buy in the box, when I realized that I didn't have enough. Sabrina was so hungry for them, I felt bad. Then I remembered my vintage "Better Homes and Gardens" cookbook, and I thought I would see if it had a recipe, and sure enough it did:

They called them griddle cakes, but same thing. All I changed was I made 1/4 cup of the flour whole wheat, I used skim milk instead of whole and I used veg. oil instead of melted shortening. They turned out great and Sabrina was very happy! Sorry I didn't get a pic, but trust me they were very pretty! Bye for now!

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