Monday, October 12, 2009

Allergies smallergies!

I really love fall, I really do! But unfortunately with fall comes ragweed season and my allergies!I was doing pretty well, using my neti pot really seems to help.
But there is only so much it can do, and now my nose is really activated. So I'm not really feeling very good right now, but maybe the fact that we got an early snow will help.
Check out these pics from this morning!

Not only are the leaves still on the trees, some of the trees haven't even changed color yet!

Even Smoke doesn't look too happy!

Yesterday, I made some ymmy apple bars, apple and cinnamon makes the best scent and flavor ever.

They are really good with ice cream too! Bye for now!


Miss•Elena•Eous said...

I'm so sorry you're suffering from allergies! I feel your pain, although mine are worst in spring. Hope you feel better!
You're so lucky to have snow! It looks beautiful.
That apple cinnamon treat looks WONDERFUL. Mmm... And I just love the smell too.

vivian said...

My husband has allergies too. I feel for you guys. I hope the snow helped. Its got to be good for somethign .. right?
Im dreading winter.. I only like it until new years.. then I've had enough!
have a great week!

Car rental la said...

OMG!!! Could you teach us how to make apple bars? It really looks so delicious. I hope I would learn how to make that too.

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