Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Hauntingly Magical Celebration 2009

Come on in for a the celebration!
The witches are having a soiree,
They may be a little long in the tooth,
but they still have magic they say!

They are dressed up to the nines,
who says witches need be dowdy.
In fact, they love to dress up fancy
And get a little rowdy!

They made sure to decorate the parlor,

with lots of ghoulish glamour.

And then make lots of devilish tidbits,

That would make a mortal stammer.

Don't forget the witches cupboard ,

full of lots of strange concoctions.

But please remember to eat them slowly,

Or, you may need to see the doctor!

With all the the goodies and games to play,

you might want to tarry.

But that's okay, because they say....

a good time is never scary!

Bye for now, but don't forget,

to visit other hauntings.

They would love to see you, so head on over,

and see what spells they're making!


Deborah said...

Nice rowdy crowd you have there. LOVE the eyeballs in the nest! Brilliant! Do stop by and party with Alice and Dead Bob, if you dare! **kisskiss** Deborah

AwtemNymf said...

I flew in from Vanessa's Magical Party!
I enjoyed my visit! <{:O)
Be Enchanted!

Julie Ranae said...

Great to have stopped by for the party!

Hope you will stop by The Open Window for my creative offerings for the party

Chrisy said...

The decor at this party is just ghoulorgous! Thank you for your hospitality...steer your broom over to my place for more treats if you haven't flown in already!

icandy... said...

fantastic party, laurie! i love the decor!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love your decorations! All the black and white looks so spooky and elegant. Thank you for inviting me to your party. I'm so glad I came. Have a magical weekend! Twyla

Whisperings 13 said...

Such wonderful assortment of vintage halloween goodies! Love the vintage Witch ! and the pumpkin- o my!
Happy hauntings!

Chickenbells said...

What a truly magical cupboard! I had such a lovely time visiting here...and I collect those little Gurley candles (like your ghost) especially the Christmas ones and it was just fantastic seeing one!! Happy Halloween...

Sophia said...

Your blog AND party rock! wow! What awesome goodies! I am off to mingle with all of the guests! :)

laterg8r said...

great potions and decorations - i esp love the last little ghosty :D

Designs By CK said...

Hi there!

Happy Hallowe'en and great party post!!!

SpOOky Best,
Chris (-:

Autumn said...

I love your witchy cupboard! Your home is enchanting! Thanks for partying along.
~ Autumn Clark

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Lovely party! GREAT decor - and so much fun. Thanks for sharing - I enjoyed the visit. :) Theresa

slommler said...

I just flew in to say Happy Halloween!! Such a delightful party you are having. Stop by mine if you have some time.

Diane said...

Wow, Laurie everything looks magical, what fun I sure do love the way you arranged everything great detail. Hugs, Diane said...

Spooky wonderfulness to the core! I adore your displays and vignettes! Hauntingly exquisite perfection!!

Bwuahahahaaaa, thank you for being a delightful part of the festivites!

Torie Jayne said...

Hi, Wonderful Halloween post! Great Halloween decorations! Happy Halloween to you!

queen-of-nostalgia said...

Love it! What a great collection you have :) If you haven't stopped for a visit, hop on your broom and come to my party!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful decorations:) Luv the crow with eyeballs though I wouldn't want to be that person;)

Laurie said...

Thanks so much everyone! Glad you came! Oh, and the eyeballs are glass from a mannequin. I used to work at a JC Penney in visual merch. :)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I just love all of your Primitive Halloween Decorations! They look fabulous!

Stay Hauntingly Cozy,

Sophia said...

Hope you had a good Monday! :)

Stop by when you can. The Queen made two special announcements at the Manor!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

What a creative gal you are!

I am going to post and go back and re read your blog a bit closer :)

If you have a moment — I would love you to stop by and say hi! There are some crazy lil witches here that would love you to say hi too! :)

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

Heather said...

Creeeeepy, is that a real skull?

Please stop by my party and giveaway!

Kristal said...

Sorry I'm late, there was so much BROOM traffic...LOL!!! Your party looks spook-tacular! Love all the decorations. And I have the book. Te Crows of Pearblossom, never thought to add it into the mix, great idea!

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