Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Want to Eat Your Candy!

Happy Halloween to one and all from the scary little vampire of the family. We are all a little strange around here, I love to cackle a witch laugh now and then, and the hubby has been known to partake of "brew" and "spirits" too. But our little vampire has really outdone us!

This is really her time of year, and frankly, she goes a little crazy when she hears the word "candy"!

But, with Daddy to accompany her, she was able to make the rounds and not get too wild!

Still, while she was away, strange things happened! Like this message mysteriously left on her etch a sketch!
Bye for now and hope you had a frighteningly wonderful Halloween!


Sophia said...

He's cute! Hope he had boat loads of fun! :)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

LOVE those photos! Good to see she really gets into the holiday, as well she should. Happy belated Halloween to you - hope it was a most delightful time. :) Theresa

Furniture movers said...

He is the cutest vampire I've ever seen. LOL!!!

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