Thursday, June 18, 2015

Business Trip to Japan Part 2

While my husband was in Japan, they had to make a trip north
on the high speed rail,  Shinkansen.  He was very impressed, 
saying it was such a smooth and quiet ride.

He said that you were not supposed to talk on your phone
while on the train, and that there isn't a lot of conversation between riders.

 One of the stops was Fukashima.

There are rice fields wherever there is a piece of undeveloped land.

 Some interesting things about his trip:
  • My husband is definitely taller than most Japanese, so he was ducking a lot, especially in older buildings. 
  • Most of what they ate was fish and rice, and he got to try some pretty interesting things such as squid. 
  • The Japanese have something called a squat toilet, though they had regular toilets too. 
  • Every place he went was very clean, he even saw a bus driver cleaning the wheels of his bus.

Above is the flight of his return trip home. 
He was really impressed with Japan and would love to go back.
He would really like to see more of Tokyo next time.
Hope you enjoyed the pix.
Bye for now!

1 comment:

Vix said...

What a luxury to be on a train and not overhear someone else's telephone conversation. I wish they'd ban mobiles on public transport here!

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